Odyssey’s Games – Basic variations

Odyssey Paintball Games – Basic variations

More games are available, taking into consideration the preferences of each group. Ask for Odyssey’s secret hardcore games.
Elimination or Slayer
Teams or individual player must simply eliminate all of their opponents. The game has many variations like the players who got shot once are out or they can revive once and with the second shot are eliminated.
Capture the Flag
When paintball was first started in 1981, the very first game played was a round of capture the flag with twelve people divided into two teams. Each team must take the flag from the opponents' flag station and return it to their own station to win. Alternatively, in a variation called centerflag, a single flag may be placed in the center of the field for both teams to compete over.
Bomb run
One team has the bomb and trying to throw it on the opponent's fortress. The other team must defend their fortress.The attacking team is given unlimited reinforcements, and must reach the goal point in as short a time as possible. Teams then switch sides and the now-attacking team must blow up the other team's fortress ( in less time than the previous team did blow theirs). Another variation of this game is when both teams carry a bomb and they must blow up their opponent's fortress while trying to defend their own fortress.
Zombie run
Players are split into two uneven teams. The team with the fewer players is the zombie team. The other team consists of the civilians. Civilians can kill the zombies only with a head shot. When a zombie shoots a civilian it turns them into zombie. Zombies can not run, they can only walk or crawl.
Paintburner or free for all
Just get out there and shoot everyone - no exceptions - no rules (kind of)

Weapons – Gun types

Safety rules

Paintball is a totally safe sport, yet safety rules must be followed at all times. You may read safety instructions below.

Rules for playing
  1. Do not:
    • discharge your weapon at anyone closer than 5m
    • pick-up paintballs off the ground
    • remove your mask at anytime while on the playing field
  2. If you hear 3 horn blasts; proceed immediately to emergency assembly point
  3. Failure to obey instructions from referee will result in dismissal from the field
  4. Never shoot a referee
  5. Make sure all necessary paperwork has been filled out and signed before session commences
  6. If your mask or any other item of equipment is damaged in any way, immediately bring the fault to the attention of a marshal who can then issue you with new equipment
  7. Always assume a weapon is loaded, and treat it accordingly. When not in use, engage the safety catch and point in a safe direction
  8. Always employ common sense when playing in bush areas or around potential harmful obstacles such as trip hazards or uneven ground
  9. Never tamper with a gas bottle of propellant as these are potentially dangerous and should only be filled and serviced by qualified personnel

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